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From the Editor’s Desk: Entrepreneurship as Personal Growth

In this month’s issue, one of the overriding themes, is the idea of entrepreneurship as personal growth. To me entrepreneurship, and in particular social entrepreneurship is really about growing, growing what you do and how you do it to become better today than we were yesterday. It is about creating new ways of doing, and challenging accepted practices.

From Kate Lazier and Natasha Smith of Miller Thomson, we get guidance about conducting social enterprise through the vehicle of a charity and we can better understand how to use this existing legal structure, and grow it to become something different, and arguably, better.  From Nick van der Velde, we learn how to overcome our fear of public speaking and grow ourselves as entrepreneurs.  In our profiles this month of social entrepreneurs, we profile three exciting groups from around the globe. From across the pond, we meet Capoeira For All, a non profit dedicated to providing access to Capoeira as vehicle for personal growth, in Adila Cokar from Source my Garment in Toronto, we meet a young entrepreneur who seeks to challenge the garment manufacturing industry and grow this entire industry into onto one that is more sustainable, responsible and will shift the power balance within this industry to those who actually make the clothing.  Finally, from our staff writers, we hear about how to grow your business–be it from developing an app, to doing a presentation, to working with your board of directors.

Personal and professional growth is imperative. It is the driver that pushes us forward, challenges us to do better and to “be the change”.  I challenge each one of you, to grow and get better each day.