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Do I need a responsive website?

If you are like most small business entrepreneurs or small organizations, a website is something you rarely think about. However, a website is an absolute necessity in business today. A decade ago, you threw up a site and forgot about it. Today, to be relevant and connected to the engaged consumer, a website has to be much more. A website also has to be responsive.

A responsive website is one that adapts to the size of the user’s screen. So if a user visits your site with an iPhone or an iPad, or other device, the text won’t be too small, the menus will work, and the overall appearance is a professional. However, this is not the only reason you should have a responsive site.

On April 21st, 2015, Google updated its dreaded search rank algorithms. This means that its criteria for determining which websites are shown at the top of search results was drastically altered. If your website is not responsive – i.e. does not display well and clearly on smartphones and tablets, then you are in big, big trouble for three key reasons.

1. The web  has gone mobile.

Each day there are more mobile users. The web is no longer a tool limited to computers, and it won’t take long until mobile devices are the predominant way to access information online. Smartphones are easier to use than PCs, cheaper, and growing at astonishing rates in emerging markets. In short, mobile is not just some fad that will go away.

2. We love our phones.

Sure, some of you reading this may decide that you hate being perma-connected, but for the most part we love carrying around Google Maps, checking Facebook on the go, sending emails and texts, and some of us even use smartphones to make phone-calls! With all of this convenience and functionality, it’s no wonder that smartphones are not going away.

3. Google has started to punish you if you are not mobile friendly.

Like it or not, and whether your visitors use mobile devices or not , this has already happened. If your web presence is not responsive, then you are on Google’s naughty list, just waiting for one of your competitors to overtake you. This alone should be reason enough to make your website responsive.

Making a responsive site does not have to cost a fortune, and the benefits in this case, far outweigh any investment required.

Not sure how responsive your site is? Still have questions or need help? Contact me to learn more.