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Snug Vest: Easing Anxiety One “Hug” at a Time

Wearable Therapeutics (also known as Snug Vest) provides high quality, effective and safe solutions for rapid anxiety relief. Their first product, Snug Vest, uses proprietary technology to deliver Deep Pressure Therapy – a firm hugging sensation which has a proven calming and relaxing effect. There is a massive, growing number of individuals suffering with autism, developmental, and …

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VeloMetro: Bringing the velomobile to mainstream

VeloMetro: Bringing the velomobile to mainstream  Before Tesla or Nissan put their electric cars in showrooms, engineers Kody Baker, Jon Faille, and Sean Boyd had already designed and built a commercial electric car and electric drives for other internal combustion vehicles.  Chartered Accountant and business executive John Stonier, was also out front in the electric …

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Small Business Survival Rates

As more people became unemployed during the recession of the late 2000s, more people turned to entrepreneurship than ever before. The challenge is keeping those businesses open. How can we better support entrepreneurs? More businesses exited both the goods and services markets in 2009 than survived. 1 in 2 businesses surviving is NOT good enough. As advisors, …

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