Our Stories

The Power of Storytelling

Stories  are as ancient to human culture and civilization as the concept of humanity itself. In oral societies, stories were how lessons were passed on from generation to generation. Stories are core to human emotion. They help us to express joy, sadness, anger and melancholy. They symbolize both our experiences as well as our hopes for the future. They can fill us with happiness or sadness, evoke empathy, and stir anger. Marketers continually tell us to use stories as a part of our marketing strategies.  Storytelling has the power to transform what you do and make it better.

Letter from the Editor

Introducing SocEnt Magazine

Paradigm shifts by definition are revolutionary changes in how we view, conceive or approach a particular issue. I believe we are witnessing a paradigm shift when it comes to business. More than ever before we are witnessing nonprofits and charities enter the business arena as they try to find ways to survive amidst declining donations and government funding. Private businesses on the other hand are creating greater and greater transparency in the they way they do business. They want to be socially responsible and sustainable.  All of this is fueled in large part, by a large demographic  group of people, young and old alike, who challenge the status quo every day to say that they want the world to be different and are no longer willing to sit on the sidelines and witness history, but instead want to be part of the change.