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Small Business Accounting Software

Small Business Accounting Software Reviews
AHHHH! The thought that strikes many new entrepreneurs when they think about their accounting. Accounting and book keeping is something that most entrepreneurs have little patience for, yet it is an essential component to small business cash management. Years ago, you were stuck using QuickBooks or other similar software. Today, a plethora of products exist on the market that small business owners can tap into and use. Different software brings different features and compatibility issues, so peruse our list below and see which offers a solution that works best for you.

Quickbooks by Intuit
For the diehards, QuickBooks was and still is the number one small business software. It is not cheap, but has a lot of the standard features one comes to expect in small business accounting software. Today, QuickBooks is also available in cloud based, monthly subscription models, ranging from $12.95 to $39.95US, with a free trial to help you evaluate before you buy. The online version does not offer the full suite of functionality that the desktop versions have, but I suspect this is something that will continue to evolve with each iteration, and more features will continue to be added.

Wave Accounting
Wave Accounting Apps
Imagine a free online accounting software program that integrates payroll for a minimal charge per user – this is Wave accounting. Created in 2010, this platform has undergone a series of iterations over the years to become the awesome product it is today. Integrating invoicing, payroll, accounting and more under one platform, Wave offers small businesses affordable solutions to their accounting and financial management problems.

Kashoo Accounting
A cool product that is focused around a top downloaded iOS app, this software, while not as easy to use as Wave, is straightforward and has all the basic functionality of an accounting platform. Prices start at $20 per month and increase depending upon number of users and transactions. A cool feature is the ability to integrate photos of receipts.

Freshbooks Accounting
This company has become one of the top small business accounting platforms. Aimed at the small business or their accountant, this product will help you get started and invoice, track expenses and receipts; it also allows for multiple users. Slightly more expensive than Wave, this product allows you to start for free to manage one client, and prices start at $19.95 per month for multiple clients.

There are many more options on the market, but this gives you a start. With these helpful solutions on the market you have no excuse to not be in charge of your finances and help build a strong foundation for your business.