From the Editor’s Desk: Entrepreneurship as Personal Growth

In this month’s issue, one of the overriding themes, is the idea of entrepreneurship as personal growth. To me entrepreneurship, and in particular social entrepreneurship is really about growing, growing what you do and how you do it to become better today than we were yesterday. It is about creating new ways of doing, and challenging accepted practices.

Charity as a Vehicle for Social Enterprise

By: Kate Lazier and Natasha Smith In our previous article we provided an overview of the various legal structures in which to carry on a social enterprise.   This article considers more fully how a charity can engage in social enterprise within the charity itself.

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Sort Africa

As an African living in the UK who works in the commerce industry, Thabo Tembo was acutely aware of the advantages that other regions of the world had over Africa when it came to sourcing business opportunities. For this reason, in June of 2015 he launched Sort Africa, a pan African business directory and online marketplace that is a one stop shop for those seeking to do business with Africa.